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The OrCal® and OrCal® pHregulator® products are manufactured on the basis of organic matter. Can there be dangerous pathogens in it?

The principle of FuelCal® technology is based on an electronically controlled exothermic reaction taking place with the participation of a certified WapCal® reagent. There is a thermal process in the reactor, which in a short time heats the sludge to over 140° C at a pH above 12. It results in full sterilization and hygienization of the substrate. In the subsequent phases of the process, a dry and flowing organo-mineral product from the OrCal® or OrCal® pHregulator® series is created.

What’s more, OrCal® poses no threat, on the contrary – after application to the soil, it sanitizes it, stimulating probiotic (useful) soil microbes, at the same time limiting the development of molds, fungi, anaerobic pathogens and also acidophilic weeds.

Can we say that the OrCal® and OrCal® pHregulator® products are an alternative to chalk and dolomite?

You could say that, but OrCal® products contain active calcium hydrate, which dissolves in water 85 times better than chalks or dolomites. Owing to this, they quickly, effectively and safely increase the pH of the soil. The effects of OrCal® products are already visible in the first crop.

However, due to the organic content, OrCal® products are considered something more than just an alternative to chalk or dolomite. Organic content perfectly fertilizes the soil and stimulates useful strains of soil microbes in the arable layer, enriching it with natural nutrients and humic acids, and increasing the humus content. It creates a crumbly soil structure, increases its water and air capacity as well as biological activity. This makes the plants clearly more resistant to drought or frost and much better yielding.

Why do OrCal® products act faster than chalk or dolomite?

OrCal® products contain active calcium hydrate, which dissolves in water 85 times better than chalks or dolomites. Owing to this, they quickly, effectively and safely increase the pH of the soil. The effects of OrCal® products are already visible in the first crop. We invite you to watch a film from the tests found on our home page and a report on the OrCal® performance study carried out by the West Pomeranian University of Technology. View here.

OrCal® products are very reactive. Can their use be harmful to the soil?

If you adhere to instructions the use of OrCal® products it is completely safe. The pH of the soil can be increased using OrCal® even by one point on the pH scale in the same season.

Thanks to the thorough mixing of components (organic matter and active calcium hydrate) OrCal® works quickly, dynamically but completely safely for soil, soil microbes and cultivated plants. And the effect of its use is better vigour and definitely higher yields.

Listen to the scientist’s opinion on the safety of products containing active calcium hydrate. View here.

Do OrCal® products contain heavy metals?

The OrCal® series products have traces of heavy metals, but their content is below strict standards, as set by Polish and European regulations. Prior to their marketing OrCal® products are examined and reviewed by a number of certifying authorities, e.g. Institute of Fertilization and Soil Science in Puławy, National Veterinary Institute, Institute of Rural Health, Institute of Environmental Protection.

Further confirmation of the quality of OrCal® products in this respect is found in the importance that OrCal® products gain on the formally demanding German market. The properties, safety and innovativeness of OrCal® products have been appreciated by German farmers, as evidenced by the award granted by the German Agricultural Society DLG AgroFood in July 2018.

Is farming with OrCal® cost-effective?

OrCal® pHregulator included in the fertilization schedule definitely has a positive effect on the economy of farming. Assuming that the soil has at least medium or high level of fertility, we recommend reducing the mineral fertilization of N, P, K of up to 50%. Supplementing the fertilizer dose by 0.5-1t OrCal®/ha resulted in the cultivation of winter oilseed rape and maize with A BETTER ECONOMIC RESULT. Research in this area was carried out in the years 2017-2018 on light and medium soils with a pH of approx.5.0-5.5.

The economic success has been guaranteed by OrCal® – quickly and efficiently regulating soil pH and clearly stimulating soil biological activity, triggering its mineral abundance and mineralization of organic fractions.

Are all products containing active calcium hydrate and organic matter as good as the original OrCal®?

There are products on the market that are advertised as containing active calcium hydrate and organic matter. We recommend taking great care before buying them. Original OrCal® products are made exclusively using FuelCal® technology. Only the purchase of original OrCal® products guarantees the fulfillment of quality conditions (appropriate chemical composition, no pathogens, etc.) and safe use, without adverse effects on soil and plants. Evergreen Solutions, which holds patent rights for the production of OrCal® products, cooperates with legal and patent institutions that deal with the elimination of dishonest entities introducing products that do not meet the quality requirements that pretend to be OrCal® brand. One of the plants that manufactured, illegally and without keeping the required technological regime, a product comparable to OrCal® was found to hold stock of product that was unfit for use, contained pathogens, parasites and dangerous bacteria.

Does OrCal® have the necessary tests and marketing permits?

OrCal® products hold the required marketing permits issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Such a permit is only granted after getting a lot of positive feedback, among others Institute of Soil Cultivation and Fertilization in Puławy, the State Veterinary Inspection, the Institute of Rural Health and the Institute of Environmental Protection.

What is the test of one thousand seeds and how did OrCal® compare in this test?

An important proof of the effective operation of OrCal® products is the study of the weight of thousands of grains carried out at Barzkowice WODR in 2015. The weight of one thousand spring barley seeds in a field sample where OrCal® was applied at a dose of 0.7 t/ha was 59 g. In an alternative sample where OrCal® was not used, the seed mass was only 47g. The difference (12 grams) clearly demonstrates how important was the use of OrCal® products for the crop yield.

At what pH does the absorbability of N, P, K reach 100%?

Everyone knows how important it is to keep the soil pH at the right level. The higher the pH of the soil, the higher the absorption of the N, P, K components (but also Mg, S, Ca and S), which are crucial for the development of plants. At pH of ca. 7.0, the absorbability of N, P, K is 100%. The OrCal® product can raise the pH of the soil by 1 point in the season, which, as shown in the chart below, has significant impact on the assimilation of such important plant growth components. Also read the article by Prof. Piotr Szulc from the University of Life Sciences in Poznań entitled – Nowe spojrzenie na nawożenie kukurydzy (A new perspective in maize crops fertilization). See – here

Why is the deacidification process using OrCal® fertilizer containing active calcium hydrate more environmentally friendly than using CaO containing fertilizers?

  1. pH adjustment of each soil using OrCal® products runs much faster and more efficiently than using traditional deacidifying or liming agents (chalk, dolomites, calcium and magnesium carbonates). This is because OrCal® contains the active calcium hydrate (calcium hydroxide – not carbonate) which, unlike calcium carbonate, is WATER SOLUABLE (1.7g/1000ml vs. 0.02g/1000ml in the case of carbonate).
  2. When the active calcium hydrate regulates the soil pH to 6.8-7.2, soil microbes start to rapidly multiply in such conditions using small-molecule organic matter (amino acids and other simple organic compounds). Soil microbes clearly influence on the soil structure, improve its sorption properties, increasing the level of humus and stabilizing the pH in the subsequent seasons.
  3. Incorporation of products from the OrCal® series into the fertilizing program for agricultural crops results in a marked improvement in the economics of crops. Effective regulation of soil pH, stimulation of biological life in the arable layer, higher level of humus in the soil profile – all this allows for a clear reduction in doses of mineral fertilizers. As results from scientific research conducted at the Poznań University of Life Sciences – using OrCal® it is possible to reduce the fertilization with N, P, K by up to 50% while maintaining yields at a higher level. An unquestionable advantage of such fertilization is a better soil for cultivation in the next 2-3 years.

4. Reduction of mineral fertilization with nitrogen and phosphorus (N, P) as well a definite improvement in the availability of these ingredients contained in the soil for plants, clearly reduces the poisoning of groundwater, watercourses and, as a consequence, also the waters of the Baltic Sea basin with nitrogen and phosphorus compounds of agricultural origin.