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Loose, in a big bag or sack

We offer you the OrCal® pHregulator products in loose form. They can be delivered in bulk in tip carts (24 tons), big bags (1 ton), sacks (20kg).

OrCal® organic-mineral pH-regulator with active calcium hydrate*. It deacidifies, fertilizes the soil and nourishes the plants.

Calcium in OrCal® pHregulator is in the form of active calcium hydrate Ca(OH)2, which is a compound with very high reactivity and deacidification properties. The process of soil deacidification with the active calcium hydrate is more environmentally friendly than the deacidification with calcium oxide CaO. OrCal® pHregulator, in addition to soil deacidification properties, thanks to the organic substance content improves its structure, increases the content of humus and biological activity. It also provides nutrients to the crop plant. The product is recommended as an anti-acid remedy and for the reclamation of degraded soils following intensive agricultural use.

Soil categorySoil pH
less than 4,54,5 – 5,05,1 – 6,0Powyżej 6,0
intervention dose *maintaining dose *minimum dose *
very light1,5110,5
How to use

OrCal® pHregulator – should be applied to soil, using fertilizer or liming materials spreaders. It is advisable to mix it with the soil after application.

Do not use on soils that are flooded with water, covered with snow, frozen to a depth of 30 cm and during rainfall. Do not use together with plant protection products or on pastures. Do not use during cultivation, growing and fruiting of vegetable plants, strawberries and wild strawberries.

Quality parameters
  • Organic substance (% in dm) – up to 66.03%
  • Active calcium hydrate – up to 40%
  • Nitrogen N (% in dm) – up to 4.58%
  • Phosphorus P (% in dm) – up to 1.22%
  • Phosphorus calculated as P2O5 (% in dm) – up to 2.79%
  • Potassium K (% in dm) – up to 1.06%
  • K2O Potassium content (% in dm) – up to 1.28%

Based on the test NO/29/2017, District Chemical and Agricultural Station in Warsaw

Safety precautions

Store only in the original and closed packaging in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. It can be stored loosely in heaps on a hardened, even, dry and impermeable surface, protected from water. It should be isolated from the soil with durable materials. The heap should be at least 50m from reservoirs and watercourses. OrCal® pHregulator is a hygroscopic product, when stored in bulk and in packaging it should be covered with materials impervious to water and solar radiation.
Protect against access of children and animals. If ingested, immediately contact your doctor, presenting the product sheet. In case of eye, nose or oral contact, immediately rinse with plenty of water and then consult a doctor. Livestock must not have access to the ground for at least 21 days after application. When pouring and applying, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment (protective gloves, overalls, goggles). In case of emergency, please call the helpline at +48 880 880 053 or follow the REACH Safety Data Sheet.

* Information applies to the sample product – OrCal® E pHregulator
Minimum quality requirements: organic substance (% in dm) – at least 33.00%, Ca – at least 10%, non-organic nitrogen. (% in m/m) – at least 0.5%, phosphorus calculated as P2O5 (% in m/m) – at least 1%.